Frequently Asked Questions


I need printed copies. Can I order them through you?
Yes, that’s possible. As we’re based in Thailand, do consider the cost and challenges of shipping Christian materials in bulk.

Am I allowed to make copies of the lessons?
Yes, yes you are! In fact, we hope every child, their parents and anyone who would like a copy to be given one. You are authorized to make as many copies as needed.

Are there distribution limits?
Nope, our goal is to reach unreached children with the good news, as many as possible!

Am I allowed to alter, change or modify the materials?

Do I have to pay for the lessons?
As of 2022, we have made all our materials free.

How can I help or donate to Kids of Destiny?
If you would like to you can help us in a variety of ways!

1) Share your testimony with us
2) Send us pictures that you’re comfortable to share with us
3) Permit us to post any of the above on our “Stories and Testimonies” page
4) Help us with translation, artwork and creating new materials
5) Financial contribution

You may use any of our materials, copy and distribute without limit in their original form. You are, however, not permitted to alter, change, reword, redesign, add to and or incorporate them in part or in whole in your own publication without prior consent.


Can I contact someone from you organization?
Yes, please use our contact form.

I have more questions…
Please use our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.