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Thank you for your interest. We are pleased to offer free samples of our Kids of Destiny Curriculum for ages 4-12. Download the 4 Free Lessons from the selections below by clicking on the language you need.

You’re welcome to photocopy as needed. We suggest that you photocopy the story page on the back of the coloring page for each child to color and take home to show their parents.

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In Each Lesson you will receive a:

  • Color Poster about the story.
  • Story Page to share with children.
  • Teacher’s Guide to give you an overview of the lesson with Questions & Answers.
  • Coloring Page for the children to color as you follow up with questions from the Teacher’s Guide.
  • If possible, copy the story page onto the back of the Coloring Page for the children to take home to show their parents.

Download the complete Thai Christmas Colouring Book!
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We hope you are blessed! If you would like a complete set of lessons, please visit our lesson store.